KTM Pro Circuit Linkage Arm Review

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Pro Circuit Linkage Price: $224.95

The Bike: 2011 KTM 350 SX-F

The Rider: Expert

The Story:

With the help of Speed Technologies my bike was already working really good. The stance of the bike still needed some help though. It was decided that with the addition of a longer linkage the bike would probably work better. Hopefully gaining some stability and getting a little change in the initial part of the stroke.

There are a whole bunch of different linkages of different lengths available, some shorter than this one and some longer. I personally decided I wanted to use the Pro Circuit link. What lead me to this decision was the fact that it was kind of in the middle, Pro Circuit has a great reputation, and I thought it was probably about the perfect length – not too little of a difference, not too big.

Installing the Pro Circuit linkage arm is super easy. Bearings and seals are already in place. All you have to do is remove the stock linkage arm (2 bolts), replace it with the Pro Circuit linkage arm and torque the bolts back down to bike manufacturer’s spec.

What I can say is that this product does what it’s supposed to do. The main thing the Pro Circuit linkage did was help with stability – keeping the bike going straight, which for me is all I was really looking for. It helped  by allowing me to charge down straights and into corners harder. The added stiffness in the initial part of the shock stroke mainly helped me coming out of corners, helping keep the bike stable and going straight.

The Good:

  • Does what it claims to do
  • Looks cool
  • Easy install

The Bad:

  • Seems expensive for a little peace of aluminum, but pricing is competitive with similar products