Pro Circuit KTM 250 SX Exhaust

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KTM 250sx Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe Pro Circuit Exhaust Price:

  • $229.95 Platinum Pipe
  • $119.95 304 Silencer

The Bike: 2009 & 2010 KTM 250SX

The Rider: Expert

The Story:

My ’09 and ’10 KTM 250 sx’s had a serious issue with exhausts falling apart. This was the second aftermarket exhaust I had for this bike. I bought this after getting sick of welding together my FMF SST and stock exhausts. I thought this would solve the problem – it didn’t. This thing still fell apart just as frequently as the other two, mainly at the welds both on the silencer and the exhaust.

KTM 250sx Pro Circuit 304 silencer

The 304 silencer looks cool and improved the power quite a bit by itself.

What it did do was make the bike run amazingly. It seemed to increase the power everywhere. Surprisingly the power was super smooth throughout with this set-up and actually improved my lap times. If you want to save some cash, I used the stock exhaust with the 304 silencer when my Pro Circuit exhaust was cracked and it also made a decent increase in bottom and over-rev both. This set-up did not have as much over-rev as the whole system, but it shows how much the huge stock silencer holds this bike back.

I tried a bunch of different combos on this bike, shorty silencers, standard length silencers, fmf, pro circuit and stock all mix-matched. For me the Pro Circuit full system was the best choice. If you’re looking for an exhaust system for your KTM 250 SX I recommend this one – that is if you’re looking for increased, smooth power.

KTM 250 sx Pro Circuit Works Pipe

The Pro Circuit Works Pipe offers the same power as the platinum and a factory look.

The Good:

  • Big power increase
  • Smooth power
The Bad: 
  • Fell apart just as much as stock and FMF (a lot!!)