Fastway Evolution 3 Footpeg Review

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Fastway lowered foot pegsTested Here: F3 & F6 Cleats

Fastway Evolution 3 Footpeg  Price: $134.95

The Bikes: 04&05 CRF 450, 08 YZ 250f, 08 KTM 450 sx-f, 06 YZ250 (in ’11)

The Story:

At 6’2″ I’m a bit taller than the average motocrosser. It always helps me when I can find a little more room on the bike. Unfortunately there aren’t many options out there. Taller seats are available, but they mess up your center of gravity and for me they always make bikes feel kind of unstable in straights and difficult to settle into corners. You can raise your bars, but only so much before your elbows drop or it doesn’t feel right in the seated position and hinders your cornering ability. Option 3 is lowering your pegs, this makes it easier to have your feet ripped off the pegs or twisted in ruts. You don’t have to worry about this quite so much if you’re in the proper riding position (balls of your feet).

lower motocross footpegs

Fastway F3 footpeg cleats

Fastway has two different adjustable footpeg options (I really want to try out the new ones). They just came out with a new product called the Evolution Air that looks really nice, a lot nicer than the Evolution 3. Back to the Evo 3, these footpegs can be put in standard or lowered position, there are three different cleat options (F3, F5, and F6), and you can adjust the angle (camber) to your liking. If you’re looking for a standard position footpeg, I probably wouldn’t recommend these, there are other options available that are better, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for lowered pegs, these are the only option I know of and that’s alright because they are a good footpeg. The difference in position is very noticeably and if you’re a taller guy you’ll love it. You instantly feel more comfortable on the bike and it makes it much easier to move around and go from sitting to standing. The replaceable cleats are a great idea; the only issue is that they get worn down and slippery much quicker than a normal footpeg. Fortunately the cleats are very cheap and easy to replace. I recommend going with the F3 style cleats, they are a bit more durable than the F6, don’t tear up your boots as much, and can be found at your local hardware store, Lowes, or Home Depot.

If you’re over 6′ try these out, you’ll love the extra room on the bike. I’m saying that as someone who has bought every Fastway footpeg and cleat I have ever used. I get nothing out of you buying anything from Fastway.

lowered mx footpegs

These are the Fastway F6 cleats


  • Noticeable difference in position of pegs
  • Adjust angle and height to your liking
  • 3 different cleat types (F3, F5, and F6)
  • Cheap to replace cleats when worn out. F3 style can be found at hardware store, Lowes, or Home Depot
  • Easy to replace cleats. F3 can be removed with Allen, F6 style can be removed with wrench
  • Comes with springs and pins, nice if yours are worn out

The Bad:

  • Pegs seem to get slippery quickly/need to change cleats frequently to maintain full traction
  • F6 cleats tear up boot soles at a higher than average rate
  • Lowered position makes it easier to get feet ripped off pegs