DEP Pipes YZ 250 Exhaust Review

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Yamaha YZ 250 DEP Exhaust

Apparently it’s impossible to find a picture of a DEP Pipes 250 exhaust in the bare steel finish, so you’ll have to imagine the nickle plated pipe on the left with the unfinished look of the pipe on the right.

The Price: $239.95 (Exhaust) $123.95 (Silencer) You can purchase from links to the left, we receive no proceeds from DEP Pipes at all, we’re just trying to make them easier for you to find if you’re interested.

The Bike: 2006 Yamaha YZ 250

The Rider: Expert

The Story:

After riding my YZ 250 I knew I needed to get some more power out of it. The Yamaha was noticeably much slower than the two KTM 250 SX’s I had before it throughout the entire power band. I did some research and read every page of the link below:

YZ 250 Exhaust Dyno Shootout

After doing a lot of research on what the best exhuast is for the Yamaha YZ 250, I chose the DEP Exhaust as it seemed to be the best all around option. The DEP Exhaust appeared to have the best power gains, and didn’t make the powerband crazy skewed towards the top or bottom end. It appeared to keep a power curve similar to that of the easy to ride stocker. Turns out it isn’t super easy to find DEP Pipes in the U.S. and I ended up buying mine on eBay.  When I received my exhaust the first thing I noticed was how well made it appeared to be. Plus it looked really, really cool (as most bare or factory finish exhausts do).

For some reason I thought I would like a shorty silencer on this bike, so I bought a Pro Circuit R-304 Shorty to use with my DEP Pipe. Turns out I was wrong about the shorty. I really didn’t like it and felt it made the power band too short. It seemed the bike was always revved out and needed to be shifted. After just a couple rides I decided the shorty wasn’t gonna work for me and tried the stock silencer. It was impressive how much better it worked. Eventually I caved and bought a DEP Pipes standard length silencer. The resulting combination was amazing. The exhaust didn’t bring the power up to that of the KTM, but  the bike did pull stronger everywhere. There’s not much more you can hope to get out of an exhaust system than what the DEP Pipes System gives you.

The Good:

  • Noticeable power increase across the entire powerband
  • Well built
  • Factory finish looks great on bike
  • Easy install
  • Competitively priced

The Bad:

  • Not as easy to find in U.S.A as Pro Circuit or FMF
  • DEP Pipes U.S.A. Website is not super user friendly