Atlas Neck Brace Review

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The Atlas brace was tested by six motocross riders of varying skill levels, sizes, and ages. Everything written in this review is based on the opinions of these riders.

Atlas Brace Facts

  • Price: $299.00
  • Weighs 2.19 lbs or 992 grams
  • Meets CE standards 89/686/EEC for personal protective equipment,  EN 1621-2 :2003 for motorcyclist back protectors against mechanical impact, EN 340:2003 for general requirements of protective clothing, and me-int 074-00 for ergonomics and tensile strength
  • Emergency Removal System (ERS) allows brace allows brace to easily come apart (in half)  so it can be removed without moving an injured rider

Initial Impressions

The Atlas brace is appears to be very well designed (that said, I am no Biomechanical Engineer or Doctor). It has a somewhat flexible design and rests on your chest and back muscles instead of your sternum and spine, where it appears most other brands sit. It seems Atlas really looked into the complaints people had with other neck braces when building this. They made sure to address many of the things people claimed or hypothesized could cause injury to the rider when protecting the neck.

The Atlas Brace has a ton of adjustment options. It comes with a different offset mount for adjusting the rear supports, more offsets are available are from Atlas if you still can’t get the fit right. Also available are the necessary parts to widen the brace (for people with fat heads). If it sits too high you can adjust the height by removing part of the padding that sits on your shoulders.

On The Track

When you put the Atlas Brace on it feels a bit odd on your shoulders. Although everyone agrees taking the rear support off the spine and putting it on your muscles is a good idea, the way it sits feels a bit weird at first. Not to mention how heavy the Atlas Brace feels.

I had the chance to let a few other people try the Atlas Brace. Once everyone had the chance to ride with it, it became quite obvious how wrong first impressions can be. As each rider came off the track there was a surprising phenomena – every rider raved about how great this brace is. On the track it is virtually unnoticeable and is very low profile compared to some of the other options.

Long Term Durability

During a typical day of riding, a neck brace isn’t something that takes a lot of abuse. The Atlas Brace is very well built and durability is not an issue. It will last as long as you want to keep it around, unless you are unfortunate enough to have a bad crash where the Atlas Brace actually saves your neck.

Final Thoughts

Atlas really did their homework with this brace and it shows. They addressed all of the issues people had with other neck braces and came out with a great product. As with all products we recommend you try to find somewhere locally you can try it on and compare with other neck braces before you buy it, to see what you prefer. If you can’t find a few different ones to try on no need to worry, you’ll definitely be able to get the Atlas brace adjusted to fit you very well.

The Good:

  • Comes with 2 strap systems, one is a slightly beefier version of the Alpinestars’ x-strap, the other a very improved version of the Leatt’s
  • Available in many different colors & sizes
  • Slides over head, no need to mess with buckle
  • Easily comes apart (in half)  so it can be removed without moving an injured rider
  • Barely noticeable on track
  • Very good fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Flexible design seems it would help lower the chance of other injuries
  • Rests on chest and back muscles instead of sternum and spine

The Bad:

  • Heavy
  • At first it seems to sit on shoulders and back weird
  • Over the head install wasn’t liked by some riders
  • Hard to find a chest protector that will fit with it & Atlas hasn’t created chest protectors to fit with their brace like Alpinestars and Leatt have.

*Everything written in this article is the opinion of PPS Moto. We are not doctors and can’t make any suggestion to which neck brace will protect you best in the event of a crash