10 Interesting Products in MX

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These products are all very interesting to me. I either like them and would like to try them, think they should be used more / in different ways, or they just bring up a bunch of questions. Just because a product made the list doesn’t necessarily mean the products look or seem like they would be good. There is no particular order to this list.

d3o’s description of how their material works (click to image to enlarge)

  • d3o – Damn this stuff looks cool. It seems it could lead to so many possibilities to improve safety in our sport. I know 661 uses it for some of their products, but they don’t use it much or as what I see as effectively as it could be used. Click here to read more about d3o. Watch the video below and see this stuff in action.

  • Loud Mouth Intake – I don’t know how, but this thing really does work. It adds an obvious power gain especially low to mid.  It also helps make filter changes easier and cleaner which is huge, less dirt that drops in the air boot the better if you ask me. I wonder how they came up with this?
  • Kali Protectives Prana/ FRP Helmets – Composite fusion plus is something new to me. I don’t know much about it other than what is said about it on the Kali Protectives site. That said they really do make it sound good and I would love to try this helmet out, I really wonder if it works as good as they claim. It would be interesting to hear a professional’s opinion on it.
  • TM Motorcycles: I really can’t wait to get my bike, see how it runs, handles, and holds up.
  • 4 strokes: Would motocross be any worse off if they were never created? Bikes would be cheaper and less complicated. Beginner and lazy riders are the only people who got an advantage from the advent of four strokes. I currently ride a four stroke and still think the sport would be better off without them.
  • Neck Braces: There sure are a lot of them now (EVS, Omega, Alpinestars, Leatt, UFO, Atlas, probably more I’m missing) and they all claim to be the best. What’s the truth? Which one is the best? Do they all do what they claim? Do any of them do what they claim? Is there a possibility that they could cause other injuries? If so, what are the possible injuries? I could keep going and going with questions.
  • Nike Motocross Boots: Are they ever gonna be available to the public or are they just a marketing thing Nike came up with? They are super unique looking and after watching Dungey walk away from the crash below, I’m convinced that they are great boots..

  • PHDS Bar Mounts – Have you ever seen these things? They are kind of weird. They look like they won’t hold the bars in place. From what I hear they actually work really well too. The set-up is rather expensive, but as I understand it, they work as good or better than rubber mounts. The other good that I can see is that they won’t twist or bend as rubber mounts seem to.
  • Troy Lee Designs Protection Products – Troy Lee already had high quality helmets. Not too long ago they came out with a line of protection products that puts the stuff protection companies are coming out with to shame. First with the large line of stuff they developed with Shock Doctor – they came out with some really cool, new ideas, that didn’t follow the norm. If that wasn’t enough they worked with VQ Orthocare and developed a set of knee braces that look to be competitive with the best on the market.Troy Lee Catalyst X Knee Brace
  • Electric Bikes – There aren’t really any that seem to be competitive with current mx bikes. There are a lot of them out there and most look like a mountain bike, mx bike hybrid. The KTM Freestyle is the only one that looks much like a regular motocross bike.

Honorable Mentions:                                                                                                                                                                       

  • OSSA 300i Enduro – I know it’s not a MX bike, but click the link and you’ll see why I find it interesting
  • Yoshimura Dual Core Mufflers – Looks weird wonder what it’s supposed to improve?
  • Alpina Wheels – supposed to be strong and  super lightweight.
  • Ceramic Bearings – Super expensive, 33% lighter than steel, roll better than steel, more horsepower..
  • Vdlaar Racing YZ Update Kit  – not sure of official name for this kit, but it sure does look good on bikes
  • Husqvarna TC 449 – One weird looking bike with some interesting innovations. Hey John Dowd rides one, that’s a good enough endorsement for me (don’t worry I realize it’s for the really good contingency).
  • Cooling Vests (EVS, Alpinestars, Leatt) – wonder how well they work?
  • Acerbis X-seat – Acerbis makes some interesting claims, looks slippery.
  • Monster / Rockstar Girl Outfits – Where do I get one of these for my girl?